How we buy

Diamond Rings.

Diamond rings are by far the most common items our clients are looking to sell, so it is no surprise that we buy more diamond rings than any other jewelry item. With over 35 years of experience, you can be confident that 

when you come to us to sell your diamond ring, you will be getting an honest offer. Our diamond ring valuation process is structured to maximize the value of your diamond ring. The process is outlined below.

Calculate Diamond Weight

The first thing we do is measure the exact dimensions of all the diamonds on your ring. Using weight estimation formulas, that takes the density of diamonds into account, we are able to determine with 95% accuracy how much your diamonds weigh. The diamond weight of the largest diamond on your ring is probably the most determining factor of how much your diamond ring is worth. (If your diamond is certified by the GIA or a similar institution, this process is omitted because all this information is readily available either online or on the certificate.)

Determine Cut Quality

The second most determining factor of how valuable your diamond ring worth is the cut quality of the largest diamond on your ring. Cut quality refers to your diamond's length, width, and depth proportions, as well as the angles at which each facet of the diamond is cut. An excellently cut diamond is cut to maximize brilliance and beauty. A large amount of diamond rings that people look to sell are many years old. What many people are surprised to hear is diamonds cut 50+ years ago were cut to different proportions than those considered "ideal". As a result, those stones are worth significantly less (they don't shine is nicely as modern cut diamonds do).

Grade Color & Clarity

Once we have the diamond weight, we embark on determining the color and clarity quality of all the diamonds in your ring. As you may or may not know, the absence of color and inclusions in a diamond make it more valuable. It takes years to develop the skills necessary to accurately grade a diamond's color and clarity.

Calculate Market Value

When we are confident that we've accurately graded your diamond, we market research on the type of diamond you are looking to sell. We gauge how in demand your diamond is and how many requests we've had for a diamond of similar quality. If your diamond is very much in demand (either because it is rare or a fast moving item), we offer closer to retail value for your diamond. If we believe you should wait for diamond prices to rise before you sell, we will tell you.

How do I find out how to sell my Diamonds?


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