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Diamond Jewelry. At Precision Jewelry Buyers, each staff member is well experienced in the diamond jewelry trade. With over 35 years of experience, you can be confident that when you come to us to sell diamond and antique jewelry, you will be getting an honest offer. Part of the reason why we can offer you the most for your diamond jewelry is because we understand how to maximize the value of your jewelry.
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Sell Your Diamond Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings. Engagement rings are the most popular types of rings we purchase. They are different than normal rings in that they usually have a larger diamond centerpiece, of higher quality. We almost always end up removing the center diamond from diamond engagement rings for those reasons. Of course, we do not recommend you do this yourself. At Precision Jewelry Buyers, our experts with years of experience use special equipment to get this done.
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Diamond Rings. Diamond rings are by far the most common items our clients are looking to sell, so it is no surprise that we buy more diamond rings than any other jewelry item. With over 35 years of experience, you can be confident that when you come to us to sell diamond ring, you will be getting an honest offer. Our diamond ring valuation process is structured to maximize the value of your diamond ring. click here How To Sell Your Diamond Ring 

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Sell Your Loose Diamonds


Diamonds. Precision Jewelry Buyers specializes in buying loose diamonds. We have unrivaled knowledge of the diamond industry, because we've been buying and selling diamonds for over 35 years. We buy all types of diamonds. Whether you are looking to sell a rare large diamond in excellent condition, or an average small diamond in poor condition, our team will give you an offer higher than other firms. Click to read more about why we are High Paying Diamond Buyers.



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